Data science and development team from Brazil's largest university.

About the team

Created in 2019 through an initiative of Professor Claudio Miceli, from the Tércio Pacitti Institute of Computational Applications and Research (NCE), it started as a directed study group at solving data science and machine learning problems, with the purpose of participating in competitions in the area. Today, in addition to these activities, UFRJ Analytica also develops projects with an extension character and aimed at solutions in data science.

Our areas


Area responsible for participating in Kaggle competitions, hackathons and datathons, in addition to analytical studies.


Area responsible for the development of problem solving projects using data science and web development.


Area responsible for our social media, creation and maintenance of the visual identity, in addition to editing our publication on Medium.


Area responsible for the administration of all our internal affairs, aiming for its proper functioning, besides external relations management.


Extension projects we've worked on so far, through our Development area

Dashboard COVID-19

Development of a COVID-19 monitoring panel for the State of Rio de Janeiro.

Inovateca's Plataform

Development of a virtual plataform for Inovateca, a space at UFRJ's Technological Park.

Competitions and Prizes

Our participations in hackathons, datathons and Kaggle challenges

Open Data Day 2021 - winner

The Open Data Day is a annual celebration of open data all over the world. 2021's competition was about how open data could help on egalitarian development in Brazil.


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